Company has been imported ERP system for many years to manage our sources in order to increase efficiency of Material Requirement Planning (MRP) and Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), customer satisfaction and organized competition.


Advantages of ERP system:


1. Plan capacity of production schedule ahead to forecast lead-time.

2. Track and check the material status to reply customer the exact lead-time

3. Effectively manage various models and stauts of materials and orders.

4. Monitor the cost of production and purchasing to shorten the production period.

5. Reduce non-production material in stock to increase production efficiency.

6. On time delivery.

7. Increase information exchange.

8. Quickly and exactly to calculate, statistic and analysis the result to give customer faster and correct respond.

9. Lower the inventory to increase the utilization ratio of capital.

10. Standardize the operating platform of system to save labor cost.

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